No Nations


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Not enough’ is a fear based illusion.

On reflection, perhaps it has some truth at times –

Not enough care, or space on those boats

Attempting their desperate journey…

To a ‘better’ life? True I’d say.

In these times of relative global abundance

Ought we not to be dismantling borders

Not reinforcing them, for in

Sharing we all have more….


This is my response to reading about the 700 refugees feared drowned in the Mediterranean just this week.


Please forgive the deviation from the tone of my other recent poems.


In shared humanity – Harula xxx

The trees can hear


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Shadows weave the web that binds me

Falsely in thought, in truth I’m free

Do I dare trust escape is near?

Whisper my love, the trees can hear


Gentle moonlight, pray conceal me

And let my secret rest with thee

Would that I could put down my fear

Whisper my love, the trees can hear


Go, get thee to your hiding place

Tread with care, not a sound, no trace

Though it may seem your way is clear

Whisper my love, the trees can hear


Winds have set the trees to swaying

Go, there’s danger in delaying

Swiftly and surely, disappear

Whisper my love, the trees can hear


Wary of the daylight’s greeting

Grace gift me a while yet sleeping

Smiling your blessings in my ear

Whisper my love, the trees can hear


This is my response to a wonderful poetry challenge set by Jane Dougherty – thanks Jane! Follow this link if you’d like to have a go yourself, and to read other poetic responses.

Felt like a good time to break from the acrostics – halfway through the alphabet – I’ll return with ‘N’ tomorrow:)




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Mankind grows further from innocent humility

Yielding to a fear of the unknown and unknowable, that

States if it can’t be seen, measured, proven –

Tick! It doesn’t exist

Eventually though we’ll grow far enough away to end up

Right at the beginning again, coming full circle to

Yet a deeper acceptance of every moment miracles



And today’s Haikrostic:


My lucky black puss

On her way to scare and fright

Gullible meeklings




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Led by curiosity, forget about

Ever arriving at any final destination

And just follow what draws your interest

Right now, for wisdom lies

Not in accumulating proof of knowledge

In order to feed the illusion of control, but rather in

Never holding too tight to being right

Generously playing warm host to every question


And today’s haikrostic:


Luxurious mane

Extols your majesty, King

Of beasts…don’t eat me!



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Joy rings through the spring air

Ululating through the blossoms’ promise as

Birds sing and encourage their scrawny offspring

Into flight – and so spread your wings

Let happiness carry you up

And up on thermals of contentment

Taking you to heights who’s views

Impress upon you the largeness of life

Never to be forgotten




Today’s Haikrostic was to be ‘Jay’ – as in the bird – but I’m out of time. I’ll write it tomorrow…unless one of you would like to have a go in the comments section and write it before me?!


With Joy:)


Harula xx



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Inhale, exhale, from the all to each simple breath

Nothing is owned, exclusive

This’ is because ‘they’ are

Everything shares, and is shared

Releasing precious oxygen that we,

Deeply, breathe in, only to

Exhale, offering those trees the very gas they depend on

Playing each our part in life’s intricately woven patterns

Evolved and evolving through millennia

Neither forcing nor rushing, but made in truth

Driven by laws built into every cell, that

Even now some would deny, for fear,

Not wanting to acknowledge our profound

Coexistence, for if you are not, then I am not

Earth suffers? All life suffers



And today’s Haikrostic:

Imp  (I couldn’t find a three letter animal beginning with I, at least not in English…)

Imaginary? Perhaps

Magic, mischievous being

Point those pretty shoes





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Help me, please, for I must hear it

Alone I can’t sing love’s song whole

Resonating into a blend

That opens hearts to the wisdom

Of a unified celebration of every voice until

None stands out, each bowing to the divine conductor’s

Yearning for the spirit of oneness to come through



And here’s your haikrostic for today…


Humble happy beast

On your stumpy hairy legs

Grunting at the ground



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Today’s acrostic was inspired by this article – enjoy:)


Guardian writer on a mission, crossing

England – well, Folkestone to King’s Cross, with

No money, No phone

Embarrassed to start with, but soon

Receiving such kindness this turned to

Overwhelm, almost choking on the abundant

Spirit of goodwill radiating from the average Jo

It’s time we challenged the cynicism

That says human kind’s turned bad

You know it’s not true…don’t you?


And today’s Haikrostic:


Great dark antelope

Nomadic and numerous

Until the lions…


I’d love it if any of you wanted to have a go at an acrostic or Haikrostic yourself – the comments section is hungry for your humour, wisdom and creativity…and it’s just such FUN!

Frivolous maybe,

Until your life needs some light –

Ultra essential!





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Forged in the fires of forgetting, when I

Relax my guard, somehow knowing

I‘m safe to the depths with you, I

Erupt unexpectedly, hot words burn us both

Nothing I can do to protect us but space –

Damn! I retreat, and take my flames

So far away I’m scared I won’t know

How to come back when only ashes remain

In the end it’s a new me that returns

Palms up in peace, for you’re too precious



And today’s Haikrostic:


Found it in my soup

Lucky I saw it in time –

Yikes! I ate the roll





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