A Beloved Reminder


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I originally wrote this almost three years ago, and would like to share it again as it has spoken to me on revisiting. I am learning to laugh when I find myself giving myself the same advice, in my very own words, again and again and again. Shouldn’t I have integrated this awareness by now, after all I wrote about it so clearly!?! But no – I find I still need to be reminded of this, especially right now. I hope you enjoy it, and maybe it will speak to you too🙂


I wrote this prayer this morning as a result of 21 evenings spending 15 minutes in silent contemplation just before sleeping, just being with the question of forgiving myself. I would write down the thoughts that came, beginning each sentence with, ‘I forgive myself for…’

This morning, on waking, I wanted to pull those thoughts together into a single prayer that I could use. This is what I wrote:

Dear Beloved,

May I accept who I am with joy and gratitude. Though I may dream of being someone more, better, different, you have made me who I am. May I trust you had your reasons:-)

May I forgive the suffering I have caused, and that I feel myself, for both guilt and blame are poisons, not antidotes. May I use my understanding of suffering and its causes to create less of it.

May I transform my fears into an inner fire that powers me through and beyond my limitations, and banish the illusory outer fire that fences me in and threatens to burn. Let faith sooth and inspire.

May I use the gifts you have given me wholly and wisely, instead of asking for others, and labeling my own too easy, too boring, too unhelpful to the world. These labels just show that I’ve not fully explored or understood my gifts yet. Let me do so now, with your guidance, that your light may shine its way, through me, to wherever its needed






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Down by the river side

it’s hard to hide

from the waves and ripples

that rush over the rocks to greet me

calling to a smile

I didn’t even know I had

until it came out

to bathe in the cool

pure waters knowing

there was plenty of sun

waiting to dry and warm it

as it basked in the beauty

of rocks smooth and smothered

in wild crazy paints

that must’ve fallen from the sky

and soaked into the solid stone

permanently because the patterns

won’t wash off

telling and preserving ancient stories

the wise landscape wants us to remember


and as I time travel tracing a finger tip

along the lines of white, grey

red and brown

that turn the pebble in my hand

into a map

I know I’ve found treasure

I Will Be Faithful T0 Me


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This is a song I wrote a while back, before I started blogging. It feels appropriate to remind myself of this feeling right now. I can remember singing it as I was cycling home from work in the sunshine, looking forward to a day off the next day…just singing and singing to remember it as the joy and playfulness filled me, pedaling at full speed until all my breath was used up and I finally got home to write it down. Enjoy🙂


I’m creating a sacred day tomorrow

Whatever else comes

I will be faithful to me

Celebrating creator me tomorrow

Whatever else comes

I will be faithful to me

Singing, and dancing and playing the day away

Writing my seminal works in a cute cafe

Coffee and cake and a pizza to take away


I will honour the joy in me tomorrow

Whatever else comes

I will be faithful to me

Celebrating the love in me tomorrow

Whatever else comes

I will be faithful to me

Kindness and laughter will follow me all the way

A smile and a wink and a joke makes a happy day

Hugging you tight till the sadness has flown away


I will honour the God in me tomorrow

Whatever else comes

I will be faithful to me

Celebrating the God in me tomorrow

Whatever else comes

I will be faithful to me

Sitting there silently listening the day away

Hoping and praying a better world than today’s

Knowing I’m never alone

Not in any way


I will live now as if there’s no tomorrow

Whatever else comes

I will be faithful to me

I will open my arms now to every joy and sorrow

Whatever else comes

I will be faithful to me

Letting go fearlessly nothing can worry me

Open my heart and my mind and I’m truly free

Giving myself and all beings the space to be

What we are




I’m here to…


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I woke to a question in the comments on the post I wrote yesterday. Did I write with this prompt this time, when I found it again? I hadn’t, but I couldn’t resist the invitation. So I’ve just written with it, and chose to expand on the fourth sentence this time:


The most important thing life has taught me about why I’m here is…that that reason is light, playful, changing. I shouldn’t try to contain it, or define it too rigidly, because it’s made of love, it’s super responsive and ever changing…and it doesn’t get overwhelmed! It’s not a ‘thing’, it’s a direction, a journey, and I need to look out, listen out, feel in to the signs, the guidance, the invitations, so that I stay on the path…even if I never make it to the destination. It’s not something to carry, it’s not a burden – this purpose has an intelligence, a beingness all of its own. I have to dance with it, not tether it, I’m here to partner it, not be its servant. I’m here to let it stretch, challenge and inspire me into new, further, deeper expressions of who I am. I’m here to let it garden me, so I can find out what fruits are yet inside me that have still to ripen and be offered.


Hmm, I wasn’t expecting that…

I’d love to read your responses, if you give it a go🙂


Playing with Purpose


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I originally wrote this piece a little over two years ago, but came across it today as I went on a very non-linear, playful virtual stepping stone journey from post to post to post…a game which in itself was inspired by reading the opening chapter of a book called ‘Screw Work, Let’s Play’ by John Williams, which was recommended to me by my mother a while back, which I chose to google today because I had an unexpectedly inspiring conversation with my manager at work yesterday, the long and the short of which was – You’re not happy here. You should be happy. You might want to look for a different job. Longer story possibly to follow at a later date, but for now…enjoy🙂



The question of ‘Purpose’ has been tickling me remorselessly for at least a year,, and I had an interesting experience this week when I wrote on this topic with a group I was guiding. I compared what I had written to my response to the exact same exercise well over a year ago, and the difference was, well – huge!

Let me first share the exercise. Begin by spontaneously completing the following four sentences with whatever thought springs to mind. Try not to over-think or edit what arises.

* When I was a child, I believed I was here to…

* As a teenager, I believed I was here to…

* As an adult, I believe I am here to…

* The most important thing life has taught me about why I’m here is…

You then simply choose one of those sentences and write, for about ten minutes, to expand on that thought/theme.

The first time I did this, about 18 months ago I think, I chose the first – as a child – and this is what I wrote:

It was from quite a young age, say about eleven, that I decided I was here to change things. I looked at the world much as I looked at myself, something of value but that could be improved. My heart was raw, passionate and open. I heard of suffering and I wanted to be the one to bring it to an end. I thought I was here to make other people’s lives better, and something in that innocent power of youth believed sincerely that I could.

I remember having seen a television program about children in the UK living in poverty. I wrote to the Prime Minister, asking him to do something about it, asking why, how was this possible? I believed I was here to ask questions. I took nothing for granted, took nobody’s word for it. If I didn’t agree, I’d ask further questions to try to get to the bottom of things. I was, I am, a digger.

I believed I was here to share the abundance I’d been born into, with apparently no reason beyond life’s mysterious pot luck. I felt the weight of my good fortune and believed life had given me a mission, a responsibility I enjoyed and took seriously and addressed with all my heart. The responsibility to make the world a better place for my having been in it.

I didn’t know how I was going to do that, and my early loves of acting, horse riding and writing were ways of cultivating and sharing passion and joy, but I didn’t consciously see those activities as contribution. They were my fun, but they weren’t why I was here. Whatever that was, it had to be much. much more important and much more serious than fun…

If you have any wisdom or experience to feed into my exploration of this topic of Purpose…please do!

May your life be blessed with meaning

May your days be filled with fun

May you welcome in equal measure

both the rain clouds and the sun…


My Day in a poetic 5,4,3,2,1


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Just because it’s fun🙂


5 – A Limerick

There was a barista named ‘Ru’

Who found herself tired and blue

She lay her head down

To dream off her frown

And woke up all brand spanking new


4 – A Quatrain


Time to slow down

you’re racing again

you don’t need permission

plump that cushion – zen!


3 – A Haikrostic🙂


Just listen will you

Open your soul ears, now shhh

You’re doing just fine


2 – A Rhyming Couplet


The sun, the river, blue sky calls

How blessed to have a day all yours


1 – A six word story


Cooked soup; body sated, soul soothed



So how was your day my friends?

Less me, more we


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The less I have the more I recognise

how nature shares and so she thrives

because she trusts the web

and weaves the net

that continues to catch

as she falls


The less I lie, and play pretend

the more space clears

inviting truth and trust to approach

where they once feared

they were no longer welcome


More freedom?

But are you willing

to have less control

for the two are in

an intimate dance

made of less push pull

and more gentle grace


Less want means more need met

and if I talk a little less

and listen a little more

I might begin to see the thin shaft of light

that reveals the gap between those two

and dare to give thanks

for what’s already there

until I realise

I don’t need




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before breakfast


I actually posted this a couple of years ago the first time, but stumbled across it this evening…

It made me smile (and sigh though too) 

Maybe it does the same to you🙂


I said it was impossible

I’d never manage that

‘Of course you can,’ my father said

‘just use this thinking cap.’

And with great ceremony

his hands grasped the air

as if a crown shaped roundish thing

was floating somewhere there

He moved a step towards me

and he placed it on my head

‘There’s nothing there

you made it up!’

‘We’ll see, my dear,’ he said.

I crossly crossed my arms and frowned

so hard it hurt my nose

but I am sure that you can guess

where next this story goes

Suddenly my head got hot

a thousand thoughts a minute

were racing, whizzing round my brain

I closed my eyes and saw it

right there it was, surrounded by

those speeding, whizzing thoughts

that heavy, dark impossible

at least, that’s what I’d thought

but now it shone all shiny bright

I knew just what to do

to make stubborn impossible

come real life truly true


When later on I saw my Dad

he smiled at me and said

‘I’d like my thinking cap back now,’

and reached towards my head

‘No! Please!’ I cried

‘Not yet! Please Dad!

I think you might be right.

Just maybe it is possible –

can I keep it ’till tonight?’


imagination einstein

I am

I just came across this, something I wrote almost four years ago, soon after I started blogging. Thought it was worth a reblog – enjoy🙂


Write as many separate stand alone sentences as you can in 5 minutes beginning ‘I am…’ completing them as spontaneously and freely as possible. Then take 15 minutes to look at what you have and write a poem.

And here’s one I made earlier:


If I am scared

May I remember

I am eternal at my core

A child of God

A being of light

That can neither be harmed

Nor harm

On the level of all being one


If I am arrogant

May I remember

I am made only of elements

And will turn back into earth

Like anything else I can see

Touch and feel


If I am tired

May I remember

I can use my consciousness

To make choices that nourish

Stay aware of my needs

And seek ways to meet them


If I am honest

May I remember

I am one among many

And my honesty expressed

May not feel true

Or be true

For anyone but me


If I am confused

May I remember

To celebrate life’s mystery

Accept the unknowable

And waste no energy

Seeking answers

Which aren’t meant to be found


If I am creative

May I remember

To share that joy, inspiration and richness

With no expectation of reward

But simply because

I wish to radiate that empowerment

Of knowing life is only

What I make it


If I am a teacher

May I remember

To be a student too

For wisdom

Is an ascending spiral recircling and rising

With each new discussion

And reflection


If I am loved

May I remember

That love grows with being re-given

And needs to flow

That it may pass to and through me

Therefore may I also be open

To receive


If I am not who I would wish to be

May I remember

To ask for divine help

In accepting that which I am

For in truth

I can be nothing else

Love be in my heart


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Please listen – lyrics/poem beneath


Love be in my heart

It’s not that love’s the easy way

It’s just that love’s the only way

A heart that wants to know the light

Can’t close when day turns into night

So let your love be real and raw

Your heart an ever open door

Real and raw

my heart an ever open door


Peace be in my soul

Don’t search for peace, it can’t be found

It’s something we have to create

With every thought, with every deed

with every breath we take

Yes, the world is suffering, that is true

But please don’t despair

Just make peace, in you

Know it’s true

You can make peace inside of you


Joy be in my smile

Let every cell you’re made of sing

And celebrate the little things

The wonder of a joy gone wild

Shining through a simple smile

That spreads, ignites and catches fire

Until it lifts the whole world higher

Catching fire

We’ll lift the world a little higher


Grace will be my guide

Sure, the way is not always clear

But truly, nothing is by chance

You don’t have to do this all alone

Just let grace be your partner in this dance

Watch and listen, grace will guide

Ever and always by your side

In this dance

ever and always by my side




I wrote this recently and my dear friend, Lili, (http://lilijohn.com/) who I sing with in a local choir, sings beautifully in the background while I read the poem and join in with the song at the end of each verse/stanza. Let me know what you think. It was soooooo precious and uplifting as we sang it together, and I really hope you all feel those good vibes.


Love always, Harula xxxxxx