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selective focus photography of white flowering tree

Photo by Abby Chung on Pexels.com


This prompt, from last Friday’s session, began with each of us writing down the name of a place or thing we consider to be beautiful, each on our own sheet of paper. We then passed that paper on, receiving another from our left, and added a further example, until our own sheet was back with us…


IMG_4759 (2).JPG


When we had our own papers back, I asked each writer to choose one from their list, and turn over. We then divided the blank side into three columns. In the middle column I asked them to write five words they associated with, or that described, the beautiful place/thing they’d chosen.


IMG_4760 (2).JPG

In the column to the left, I asked them to write a heading ‘Zoom-in’, and I asked them to imagine zooming in on their thing/place. What did they see/notice now? Again, five words.


Finally, in the column to the right I asked them to write the heading ‘Zoom-out’, and again write five words as they imagined zooming out on the image of their beautiful thing/place.


All of which was a gathering of words, and a thematic exploration in preparation for…the writing of a poem. In ten minutes. This is what I wrote, raw and unedited – enjoy!



Pink, white, tiny

Petalled flags that signal life’s

Generosity and willingness

To feed if we’re willing to wait

Because they are just the beginning


Bees nuzzle in

Getting up close and personal

Drawn by the sweet scent

Life is full of sweet and sting

So very close together


Trees in rows

And rows the fruit

Grows beside longer days

Until some branches need help

To hold the weight of abundance


Children play among daffodils

And get chased by the wasps

Hidden inside, burrowed

Deep into the white pink

Tinged juicy flesh until


The sun has sunk a little lower

And the ladders come out

To lean against laden trees

Who keep their best at the tips

Of top most branches that

Sway just out of reach

Reach up and pick


An apple eaten straight

From the tree to fuel

Those gathering and placing

Carefully in boxes lest

They bruise the fruit that began

As blossom on a branch all

Those months ago


All those years ago

We had an apple tree

At the bottom of the garden

Plum and pear too

I wonder if fruit still grows

In the orchard of my childhood


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