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There are some remarkably big little words. Sea, sky, why? – all have only three letters, but they’re huge! Love, soul, hope, wild, free, seed, life… all only four letters but, again, huge in their meaning and complexity. And for today’s prompt, let’s explore another big little word…Home.

Many of us will find ourselves spending extending amounts of time in our homes at the moment, or perhaps in temporary homes, unexpectedly locked down in places we never expected to have to put down a few roots, however unsure the length of stay might be. The outer home – the shelter.

But there’s another kind of Home. I heard a very striking line in a poem a while back, written by Cheryl Moskowitz, which has stuck with me ever since:

“I have a home,” says the girl, pointing to her heart,
“I just need a house to put it in.”

Inner Home.

Outer Home.

Draw a circle in the centre of a blank piece of paper, writing the word Home inside it. Then write words and phrases inside the circle, to represent ‘inner home’, followed by words or phrases outside the circle to represent ‘outer home’. Of course, there may be some that overlap, or belong in both, there’s no need to be rigid with it. Let the circle breathe and be porous. I’ve included an image of my own example, written when I shared this prompt with my writing group last year. You can read more on my blog:


So once you’ve made some notes, go ahead and write in response to that gathering of ideas and thoughts and images, about that big little word…Home.

Ready? Steady! Write! 🙏❤️

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