Wedding Poetry

Me preparing to write poetry to order at the ‘Seaview and Sparkle Wedding Show’ event at the Imperial Hotel, Torquay
– organised by,

I’ll write the magic into your day, in any way that suits your needs ,

for poetry can weave sweet memories that will last for years…

I can offer…

Bespoke Poetry written for your beloved in response to a detailed personal consultation to ensure that it’s unique, and a true reflection of your story. Price is £25 per poem, with possible extra charges for additions, edits or rewrites.

Poetic invitations, speeches, vows make your invitations extra special by having them written in verse, or perhaps the father of the bride or your best man wants help with their speech. It’s not unusual these days for couples to create their own vows, and if this is your wish I can help you. Prices start at £25, depending on the length and complexity of the piece you’d like me to write.

Poet in Residence I will attend your wedding, and write poems throughout the day, to commemorate the occasion, or to entertain your guests by writing individual poems to order, there and then, on themes of their choice – precious gifts to take away, mementos of your special day. Prices from £85 for the day.

Poetry Performance I will perform poetry at your evening do. This could be poems you’ve asked me to write specifically for the occasion, or poetry you already know and love. Price is £40 for a one hour set, devised especially for you.

Here’s an example poem, written in just three minutes as a free taster for a woman attending a recent wedding fair with her daughter: 


The bride to be was so thrilled she was considering including it in her ceremony! If you’d like to see what I can do given longer to find out more about your personal story, as well as time to more carefully craft the writing itself, then do get it touch.

You can read further examples of my writing by spending some time looking through my blog, but here are some good posts to start with:

You can also hear me reading some of my poetry, and singing some songs I’ve written here:

If you’d like a FREE sample stanza, written about your own unique story, then send me an email answering these five questions. I’ll send you back the first eight lines for free, and if you like what you see, then commission me! We will then have a full consultation so I can get a clear picture of what it is you want, and I’ll write the complete poem 🙂 

  • 1: Who is the poem for? Tell me a little about them? Their likes/dislikes, their quirks, and the things you enjoy doing together
  • 2: Is there any particular style of poem you’re after? Is it important to you that it rhymes? Should it include humour? How long would you like it to be?
  • 3: Your story – how did you get together, and how long has it been?
  • 4: What does being married mean to you, and why are you choosing to take this step at this time?
  • 5: What are your hopes and dreams for your future together?

I look forward to hearing from you.

You can make initial contact with me by email –


or use the comments section below –

(inquiries will not be made public as all comments by those commenting

for the first time are moderated)


2 thoughts on “Wedding Poetry”

  1. Cool page, Harula! You’d be such a hit over here. I’ve never heard of anyone doing this! (‘cept you, I mean). ❤

    • You think so? Thanks! If I ever cross the pond… 🙂 Yeah, can’t say I know of anyone else doing this…and the Wedding Fair event organiser was also very enthusiastic, saying it was so different. Will let you know how it goes. Enjoy the rest of your weekend… Blessings, Harula x

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