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Do you believe in coincidence? Have you ever experienced a moment(s) of such incredible synchronicity, where everything comes together like an effortless divine plan, that you’ve looked over your shoulder or up at the sky and wondered who or what is out there?

It fascinates me to watch how life plays out, to see how, perhaps it all happens for a reason, even if we only see the reason with hindsight. At least, that’s my take on those moments that simply seem too well timed, too perfect, too unexpectedly ‘spot on appropriate’ to be explained by anything other than a universe intimately co creating life with us.

Start by listing a few moments from your own experience, or, if it feels like there are none, or they won’t come to mind, make them up! Or list examples from films/books/plays.

Now write a story, or poem, exploring this theme either purely imaginatively/fictionally, or by exploring a real experience.

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Ready? Steady! Write! 🙏❤️

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