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Complete the sentence(s) as many times as you like. That’s your prompt today! Here are five sentence seeds/beginnings, along with one example of my own from just now, in case that helps. You may also wish to find another way of ‘harvesting’ them, instead of just writing in lines.

Some may be more fruitful than others, but I suggest writing at least three for each one. Then you could rearrange them all into an order to make a poem, or choose just one sentence (or group of sentences) that speaks most to you, and develop that. There are so many ways you could grow these!

Spring is…
(…declaring itself alive with the smell of cut grass and the buzz of bees)

Beauty is…
(…everywhere and I found it this morning in strawberry flowers and dew on the watering can)

I know…
(…I matter AND don’t matter all at once)

I love…
(…the joy of the lambs playing and the blue of cloudless skies)

I wish…
(…I could see into the future and help us get there safely)

😉 Ready? Steady! Write! 🙏❤️

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