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apple blossom image

In times not so long past ‘zoom’ had another meaning. Still does of course, but it’s not the one most people’s minds jump to these days. Big picture, little picture, zoom in, zoom out. That’s your prompt today.

Personally, I find myself very inclined to zooming in at the moment, and less inclined to considering the bigger picture, to zooming out, breathing out, stepping back. Not that I want or need to stay in the bigger picture, but I’d like my thoughts and visions and dreams to remain flexible enough to move between those two perspectives.

One way to start is to list a few things that you find beautiful, or that you are curious about.

Now choose one from your list that feels creatively juicy.

Divide a page into three columns. In the central column, write words to describe, or that you associate with, that thing.

apple blossom list

Now zoom in! What do you (imagine you would) see? Write those words/that description/associations in the left hand column.

Now zoom out! What do you (imagine you would) see now? Write those words in the right hand column.

I’ve included an example in the image attached, but play with this idea of zooming in and zooming out in any way you choose, to gather thoughts and images to fuel a piece of writing. You can read more, including what I wrote the first time I used this prompt, in this post from the archives:


Ready? Steady! Write! 🙏❤️

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