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TFL lost property


Lost and Found. A simple prompt, suited to the first day of a new month. There are two ways to approach this.

1: List a few things you imagine being left behind, and collected and kept in ‘lost property’, at a station, workplace, bar…anywhere! Create, or recall, a full narrative. From the thing being lost, the realization it has been lost, and it being reunited with the owner. The narrative can of course be expressed as a poem or story. Here’s quite an interesting article about the handling of lost property in TFL’s offices, if you need more input:


2: Use this as an opportunity for reflection, on a personal or wider more societal, or even global level. First, a list of what has been lost in the first part of this year. Then, yes, a list of what has been found. And then…take that gathering, that reflection, in any direction you wish.

Which, unintentionally actually, but rather neatly leads into…

I basically lost all my freelance work at the beginning of this pandemic, but I can now confirm that I have found a new job! I start on Monday, full-time, harvesting on a farm about 15 mins drive away. More breeze – less screens. Yay! So this writing prompt will likely be the last for a while. I’ve shared 30, one month’s worth, so that feels like a neat place to finish.

I do hope you’ve enjoyed them, and you can always reuse and revisit them, as they turn up something very different each time you write from them. Alternatively there are many more to be found by trawling the archives on this blog.

Love and blessings all, and – keeeeeeep writing! 😍

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