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Please listen – lyrics/poem beneath


Love be in my heart

It’s not that love’s the easy way

It’s just that love’s the only way

A heart that wants to know the light

Can’t close when day turns into night

So let your love be real and raw

Your heart an ever open door

Real and raw

my heart an ever open door


Peace be in my soul

Don’t search for peace, it can’t be found

It’s something we have to create

With every thought, with every deed

with every breath we take

Yes, the world is suffering, that is true

But please don’t despair

Just make peace, in you

Know it’s true

You can make peace inside of you


Joy be in my smile

Let every cell you’re made of sing

And celebrate the little things

The wonder of a joy gone wild

Shining through a simple smile

That spreads, ignites and catches fire

Until it lifts the whole world higher

Catching fire

We’ll lift the world a little higher


Grace will be my guide

Sure, the way is not always clear

But truly, nothing is by chance

You don’t have to do this all alone

Just let grace be your partner in this dance

Watch and listen, grace will guide

Ever and always by your side

In this dance

ever and always by my side




I wrote this recently and my dear friend, Lili, (http://lilijohn.com/) who I sing with in a local choir, sings beautifully in the background while I read the poem and join in with the song at the end of each verse/stanza. Let me know what you think. It was soooooo precious and uplifting as we sang it together, and I really hope you all feel those good vibes.


Love always, Harula xxxxxx