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It was such a joy writing poetry for those who attended the wedding fair on Sunday. The time flew by, and I wrote 12 poems in the four hours I was there, on a huge range of topics from giraffes and butterflies, to marathon running to the timeless expression of the meeting of the personal and the universal ‘I’ve just become engaged to the man of my dreams’. It was fun, it was deep, it was magical, it was moving, it was community building it was heart expanding. A privilege.

I’ll share three of the free three minute free taster poems I wrote here (try saying that five times fast!), unedited and full of feeling if not finesse 😉 Enjoy, in Joy!

Butterflieswritten for a young girl who adores them, and has their image on her bedroom lamp.

Beautiful colours

delicate wings

so free and so flighty

such magical things


You land on the flowers

or rest in the trees

and there in my bedroom

you’re close to me


Not real of course, no

that wouldn’t be fair

for you like to be

in the fresh open air


I can’t wait for summer

(you don’t like the cold)

to see you again

brave, bright and bold


I had a little help from this lucky charm with that one 😉




Pearls and rosesthis bride to be told me how she’d always loved pearls, which are her birth stone, and roses are her favourite flower

Ever since I was a girl

Their precious sheen

has held me enthralled

as the gem of my birth

they feel close to me

their beauty, purity

born of the sea

Roses in contrast

are birthed from the earth

bold and red, their heady scent

speaks of love and luxury

Together combined

the magic’s complete

A salty pearl

a rose so sweet

And so I wish

our love to be

as rich as a rose

as deep as the sea

And finally, I’ll share this ‘Man of my dreams’ one, which had the mother of the bride to be excitedly proclaiming. ‘You could include that in your ceremony!’


So much fun! Can’t wait to do it again 🙂