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I want an everyday love

no need for jewels or flowers

I want the kind of love

that reaches out to squeeze and free

my snotty nose from gunk

and wipes it on their jeans –

who cares if anyone’s watching

the kind of love

that screams my name instinctively

knowing and trusting

with every cell

that I will respond

and together we’ll make it all OK

I want the kind of love

that’s white hot angry

when I’ve put myself in danger

consumed by fear’s flames

at the thought I might be lost

I want the kind of love

that looks at, through and into me

meets my eyes

sees through my faults and shields

delving deep into my mystery


So don’t send flowers

nor wine and dine me

live life like you mean it

and love me in brave and boring ways

that don’t need to declare it’s forever

but simply act as though

nothing could be as simple

or as sweet

or as alive

or as down to earth

or as heaven made

as you and I


a love that lets me be me

yet makes me so much more…