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And a new season of creative collaboration in a circle of courageous and compassionate creatives has begun! It’s been a joy to return to the weekly writing workshops I teach, and I’d like to share with you one of our recent prompts.


Each week, I share on this blog one of the writing prompts used in my workshops, along with an example of what was written in response. This week’s prompt was one that took me by surprise. It was light (:-) and playful, appealing to both the crossword/scrabble part of my mind (though I’m terrible at both – I don’t have the patience!) and the imaginative, creative and lyrical part.


Take a sheet of paper and write as many words or short phrases (each phrase can have up to 3 words) containing the word light. If you’re doing this as a group, write one and then pass the paper on to your right, receiving on your left, and adding to the lists collectively. Once this gathering is complete use the ideas generated to inspre a poem (or if poetry is not your thing, a piece of prose or a story).

For example:


the light dazzled

moonlight on water

starlight…. etc etc


I actually did this prompt twice this week, with different groups. and I’m going to include both the pieces I wrote in response, because it fascinates me how differently we can respond to the same prompt on a different day, and within a different circle, although now I read them again, there are similarities! Enjoy:-)


So, here’s ‘Take one’:

IMG_2436 (2)


Will you be my lighthouse?

I fear the rocks

and storms are raging


Will you light my nights

oh silver moon

and keep me safe till day wakes?


and will you teach my feet

to tread softly

leaving only sole kisses on my path


and will you light the flame

that grows wings to lift me

into a flight of faith


that gives my perspective

enough height to see

the moving patterns in the shadow.


And  ‘Take two’:

IMG_2437 (2)

The spotlight is searching

but truth

sinks in the shadows

while the lighthouse

that used to warn

ships of the rocks

remains dark

and the moon does her best

but still the ships come

risking it all

on nights of no welcome

lightning flares

and captures faces

alive with shock

for a bright second

until obscurity returns

as the spotlight searches

the hungry restless waves.


Do you have a preference?


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