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Last week I shared a post by http://www.itmeanshappyone.wordpress.com about creating your own ‘Writer’s Box’ in which to collect inspiration and food for the imagination! Well, this afternoon I made mine…


IMG_2405 (2)

This Writer’s Box is made of Flowers, Failure, Friends and Family, and honours the four elements; one side each for Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Flowers: because the original box held the base of a bouquet of flowers sent to me by a dear friend, and part of the top is made of crocheted flower petals which were…a

Failure: …because they didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to, and weren’t used for their intended purpose…but I kept them. The scarf which lines the box also failed to turn out well enough to become the gift it had been intended as, but now softens and warms this nest, also fed by…

Friends: several of the items contained in the box were given to me by friends and…

Family: … including the card which I cut up and shared across the box’s four sides:


We must not allow the clock

and the calendar to blind us to the

fact that each moment of life

is a miracle and a mystery



As I was making the box it occurred to me that creativity needs us to be soft, open and yielding as FLOWERS if we are to grow our unique gifts, and we must never fear FAILURE for if we do we’re beaten before we begin, and besides, this is how we grow and learn, as long as we have FRIENDS and FAMILY around to support and encourage us when we’re struggling, and to celebrate us when we shine.



This box of wonders and wanderings – through the memories and thought trails lit up by the responses arising from connecting with these items – will ever remain open and incomplete, as I will no doubt continue to add and use and discard elements of its contents, but I will share with you a few to be found there now…


IMG_2410 (2)



IMG_2414 (2)


Gifts from nature:

IMG_2413 (2)


Bits of previous creative projects:

IMG_2411 (2)

…among other things.


While making this treasure trove of trinkets I chanced upon another aspect of creativity:

Creativity is endlessly inventive and generous, for I found all that I needed immediately to hand. The urge to create, if truly opened to, will overcome anyΒ obstacles or perceived ‘lack’ and find abundance and beauty in all that it meets.


I’ll let you know how I get on the first time I make use of the box, but for now I DARE you to make your own! It’s soooooo much fun! And the process feeds itself – who knows what you’ll find when you start searching… Enjoy!


Harula x