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img_1264This coming Saturday (3rd Dec), I’m doing something I’ve NEVER done before (have you done one of those recently? Scary, isn’t it!) and my pen needs practise!

A friend and I have a table at a Christmas Craft Fair, and I will be offering Poetry to Order – written, there and then, to a theme (or three…) of the customer’s choice! This is a warm up, so I’m offering a poem for a pound, written in three minutes (See that sand timer? Do you know how fast three minutes is?!)

Well actually, 3 mins is enough to re-write the first verse of a Christmas Carol while singing it in the shower quietly so as not to wake your housemate, as I did this morning before writing this post (ok, so I guess I’m already warming up…)

O Come all ye Fearful

Light the fire of courage

Warm ye, and watch your hopeΒ 

Shine bright through the night

Dawn is descending

Darkness’ rule is ending

O come have hope be joyful

O come have hope be joyful

O come have hope be joyful

And sing ‘love is here!’

But I’d like some real practise! So, just write a comment below over the next five days, describing in up to three words/short phrases the theme you’d like me to write a poem on, and I’ll write it, in three minutes flat (not including the writing out in neat, or typing in this case!) and post it as a reply comment.

Actually, I have kind of done this kind of thing before, just not in this very public context, or at this speed! For more background on this, check out these old posts:



And/or this link:



So, Dear Friends

Pray, what’ll it be?

Give me your order

In 1, 2 or 3.

And in 1, 2 or 3

Your order comes back

In words I hope serve.

Well – how about that!


The comments section is waiting…:-)