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I’d like to share this stunning poem, written by a friend and fellow writer, Judith. This was in response to my request for a poem – see earlier post for the background on this…


The themes I asked her to write on were a: the mother daughter relationship and b: accepting differences. When she read it to me it brought instant tears and she could hardly believe it herself, saying ‘I don’t know where that came from’ – this was written in a strict 15 minutes, no edits…Enjoy!


Mother and Child


You are so like me

After all, you have my genes

And yet, so unlike me

In so many ways


Sometimes I cannot fathom you

Child of mine

Why you do those things that seem anathema to me

Why you do not do those things that seem so obviously required


And yet

I watch your life unfold

So unlike mine

In so many ways


I watch the ease with which you move into the unknown

I witness the courage with which you dare to think the unthinkable

And then act upon it

The spontaneity that you bring to Life

The joy you bring to others

The deep caring you have about yourself, the world, humanity’s future


This last,

The caring

Is perhaps the greatest gift I brought to you


From that moment I first held you in my arms

The most precious gift of my life

The most daunting responsibility


You taught me to overcome all of my self-doubts, even self-loathings

As I learnt to surrender myself

In the meeting of your needs

And thus

Recovered something deeper in my depths


Thank you, my daughter

For this inestimable gift


For daring to be you

For bringing me back home to who I am