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image credit:http://www.scenesofmilford.com/walnut-beach/

Below is a poem I wrote in three minutes (I haven’t edited!) in response to the three word prompt in the title of this post. I’ve written five three minute poems to warm up for a more public offering this Saturday, but I’d love more practice! If you’d like me to write you one, want to read the others, or just for more background to this challenge, please check out my previous post.


The fire in the belly
of mother earth
rises water ways into
a mist that fills the air
and cloaks the dawn
to meet the sacred sunrise
for each day birthed
anew is welcomed
with equal beauty, splendor
the moon bows out
to the sun
the birds sing
the new day in
and old and new
rise again refreshed
by the turn, turn, turn
that keeps life moving
always moving
and the elements
rising, falling, rising, falling
as one who remembers
walks on the beach
away from walls and noise
and feels for herself
the sacred start
of a new day