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Welcome to day fifteen, for which I’ve chosen the word Spirit, because we bought a Christmas tree today and it feels like we’re getting into it.  Enjoy:-)

And…why not have a go at a Christmas acrostic yourself in the comments! I’d love to read yours. I also love to receive suggestions of Christmas words to use as the basis for the next acrostics I write, so please share your favourite festive words in the comments too, and then come back to read the poem you’ve inspired!

S o much to buy, make, bake, clean it’s easy to lose

P atience with the very ones I’m making the effort for

I want to remember, in those moments when it’s all too much, what’s

R eally important, and take time to enjoy the precious company

I see so rarely that when I do, I want it all to be perfect, but

T hat’s not how life is, or how I am – that’s not love…