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geese flyingA gift given becomes doubly empowered when it is received in such a way that its resonance is amplified. I have had several experiences of this recently, and last week was so full and rich I’m still digesting. I also noticed, more clearly than ever before, that I don’t need to do things alone, and even dared to allow my mind to play with the idea that there are some things I really can’t do without the help of others. That might sound pretty obvious, but being the uber independent and often impatient person that I am, I tend not to listen to this truth with much attention, though I may pay occasional lip service to understanding it conceptually.

The other night we were holding a completion circle with the group I’ve been teaching English to for the last month, and who have become deeply integrated into our community and into my own heart, as well as each others’, during that time. I wanted to be able to offer a great ‘send off’ – but I was feeling incredibly flat. As I shared with my colleague, I was a bit empty and I just couldn’t find my fuel. He was determined to let me be exactly where I was and I was doing my best to force myself out of this uncomfortable sense of ‘lack’. I handed over much of the holding of the evening to him, and I also began to inwardly let go of the responsibility for making it a great send off. It was a beautiful evening and my colleague brought to it exactly what, in that moment, I could not and as a result lifted me into a space of great gratitude and peace.

We will be welcoming the geese to our shores soon, and this being lifted reminded me of the lessons these remarkable community minded creatures teach us, as they fly in their impressive V formations and allow the tired to cruise on the power of the uplift generated by all those wings, all focused on one clear shared destination. Check out this beautiful summary of their wisdom if you have a moment:

Click to access FacultyDevelopment_LessonsGeese.pdf

Good Deeds Received

One of the students led a beautiful appreciation ritual on our final morning together. We were lined up in two rows of equal number, facing each other, and one person at a time was blindfolded and had to walk down the aisle. As they passed us we would lean in and whisper appreciations into their ears. It was incredibly beautiful.

Received a lovely hug from a dear friend who could see I was a bit over wrought, and it brought me back to earth beautifully.

Received a stunning necklace from the group, with a beautiful turquoise stone as the centerpiece which they said brought out the blue in my eyes.

Was gifted a very profound conversation that made me feel very seen. The theme was love and the many and unique ways it is expressed by different people, and then how this person experienced my own particular expression of this quality. Really interesting.

Received a lovely text message from a friend who hadn’t seen me for a while and wanted to know how I was doing.

Received super prompt support and action when I asked for some admin/paperwork stuff around the completion of the program.

A friend who’d borrowed our printer brought it back the moment I asked for it, despite being very busy.

Good Deeds Done

I bought a couple of packs of love hearts, little sweets with messages on, to share with the group as we said goodbye.

Bull Terrier Carpet

I sent some of the money raised form last week’s auction to my friend Beatha in Rwanda. It took me three days to get hold of her, and I was beginning to get worried. It turned out her phone had been stolen. She’d had to put off medical treatment while waiting for me to send the money, which she couldn’t pick up without speaking to me to get the details.

I spent some time chatting with some new arrivals and helping them to settle in for their week here in the community.

I shared a simple exercise with the group which ended up being quite profound. The basic idea was we all had a sheet of paper and wrote at the top one thing we couldn’t live without. We then passed it round and each person added to the list until we all got out own paper back and read out what was written. What was interesting was what was not written; money, oil/petrol, electricity, a fancy house, a well paid job…none of these things appeared on any of the lists! We spent some time discussing the implications of that and what we could do to remind ourselves in our daily lives of what we really needed to live a happy, fulfilling life (things like friendship, love, intimacy, creative expression, music, dancing, time in nature…) and to resist the insistence of the media that it’s all the other things we should be striving for.

Made sure I was on time to wave off and hug those who were leaving on Saturday.

Did some shopping for my Mum’s cafe and worked there for an hour or so while she had a break as it had been extremely busy.

Brought in come chocolate I’d been given to share with the group during a tea break.

Have a great week my friends! May you uplift and be uplifted in perfect graceful rhythm:-)