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Expand and contract

zoom in, zoom out

spring shoots into summer

autumn wraps into winter

as I too grow

and am harvested

while I trust

the artist who guides my lens

to zoom in again

and take a good look

at myself in close up

until I relax back

into my spot

in life’s bigger picture

I almost got swallowed by my inner cave last week. A month of heady expansion into and beyond the limitless possibilities of love, openness and connection left me a bit dazzled and perhaps slightly internally sunburned. I withdrew and zoomed in , waiting for the wheel to turn and rise me up to the light again in its own good time.

I know the wisdom and equanimity of ‘little and often’ but that doesn’t seem to by my natural rhythm, and so I continue to rough ride my way though seasons of feast and famine on all levels; work, relationship, creativity, silence…which is tiring at times, but certainly never boring!

Good Deeds received

A friend from my time in Rwanda, who is now back home in Canada, sent me a lovely catch up email along with an offer to contribute to my fundraising efforts for Beatha.

My Mum warmly and directly appreciated me for the help I’d given her, both in the cafe and for a party she’d offered to cater for.  It was amazing how much feeling appreciated eased my tiredness, almost immediately.

A friend texted to check in, and invited me to dinner – tonight:-)

I went to the beach for some chill out time but forgot to bring the book I wanted to read by the shore. Luckily the seals were playing and diving not far out to sea and I passed a peaceful time watching them instead – thank you seals!

My ever thoughtful father texted me to tell me about a program he was watching on Rwanda, so that I too could watch it.

A friend offered me her gorgeous little barrel house to live in and enjoy while she’s away for a couple of weeks at the end of this month, in return for some company for her cat. I can’t wait!

A friend picked up on my sense of ‘blah’ and gave me a warm hug. When I saw her the next day she said she’d been thinking of me and sending me love. I was in fact feeling better so I told her her loving thoughts must’ve worked their magic:-)

Good Deeds Done

I delightedly appreciated an abundance of beautiful conkers that had been sadly overlooked as perfect seasonal toys, and left to sink into the round again in the hope of becoming trees…

I offered to help look after a friends little flock of young guinea fowl again while she’s away for a long weekend.

I agreed to clean for a friend at short notice, and let him know later where I’d unintentionally hidden something I’d intended to clean and put back in place!

I gave an English lesson to the husband of a friend, and remained patient and flexible when it was delayed by a couple of hours because he had more work than expected and was therefore  late getting home.

I helped my Mum cook for a 50th birthday party she was catering for. After 9 hours (it was much more work than we thought!) I drove her home so she could sleep, and then went back to finish cleaning and packing the car with left overs and equipment.

Bought a few bits and pieces to make the house more comfortable and welcoming for when my Dad and brother visit next week!

Gave a friend a box of biscuits I’d been gifted when he told me he had a week full of meetings ahead. Here’s hoping the biscuits will sweeten the dialogue:-)

Have a great week my friends, and play with that zoom lens:-)