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I remember reading in Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic something about a friend of hers who was teaching about the environment. I can’t find the quote right now, so I’m paraphrasing. Her first lesson began with two questions. “Do you love nature?” Lots of nodding heads, and assurances of “Yes, of course!” The second question, “Do you believe nature loves you?” At first, silence. Then, “But that’s ridiculous! That’s not possible!” And her friend replies, “There’s our problem. Right there.”

We could argue semantics; try to define love, try to define nature, but that’s not the point. We are in relationship. The trees breathe in what we expel and expel what we breathe in. If you’re a gardener you know, you see the plants respond to your care. I could list many examples of the deeply interconnected world we live in. Is it not the height of arrogance to assume engagement in this relationship is all one way? I don’t mean disneyfying nature, or anthropomorphizing, I mean at a deeper, cellular level. We are, after all, all made of the same stuff.


So this week, the prompt was to write a love letter from Gaia. from nature, from mother earth, from the planet – however you choose to phrase it in order to connect with that ‘something bigger’.


I will share what I wrote, though it is incomplete, because this love letter will always be incomplete. It needs to be lived and re-heard every day, as it is rewritten in the moving clouds, the changing weather, the buds coming to life on branches bare for so long. This is just what I felt and wrote in those ten minutes:



Dear Ones

There are laws, and there is love. Even love has laws, laws that say the sun and the rain must offer their life giving rays and drops to all equally, whatever lies in their path is equally loved and needy of nourishment.

You are part of nature. You are loved, as much and equally. There can be no favourites with me.  But there are laws. Nature’s laws. Love’s laws. Fight them, fear them, and you can not thrive. 

I can not change the laws of love or nature for anyone or anything. You are loved. You are not loved any more or less than any other being on this planet. Favourites and comparison is not the nature of love. Love flows wherever it can be received.

Rain falls, sun alights on whatever is in its path. Put up barriers, and the rain and the sun can not get in, but they do not stop or disappear. They simply go wherever else they can be received. Falling on a roof, the rain runs down and is soaked up by the earth. Shrubs in the shade will not feel the full force of the sun’s warmth.

There is free will. There are laws. Humanity is neither above nor beneath those laws, but subject to them, as is every other being. Natural laws are your friends and guides. Use them, wonder at them, honour them and you will thrive.



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