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A new course taught by M.E. Gaia

Introducing an alternative 3 ‘R’s


1 – Respect;

Everything you see’s a home,

a larder too,

so as you roam

please keep your rubbish

to yourself –

don’t soil life’s carpet

or her shelves


2 – Resilience;

Observe the rose,

deciduous trees,

from dark brown death

to life’s fresh green

when you feel

like giving up

just watch young bulb shoots

pushing up



Without the sun

a cloud a can’t form

and without rain

crops can’t be born

so do your bit

and know your worth

and be the one

to say thanks first


Extension activity for exceptional pupils:

Life and death

a natural cycle

just like wheels turn

on your bicycle

come and go as life decides

accept this truth

and you’ll be wise

Happy Learning – and it’s ALL free!!!