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Tuesday blessings friends! Here’s writing prompt number seventeen.

I’ve been thinking a lot about laughter, tears, the bridge between the two (and other bridges, physical or invisible), the gifts they each bring, that weird alchemical thing that happens when they come together, happening all at once in a red faced hiccoughing snot fest. I have a few questions for you:

What makes you laugh/cry? You could make a list(s).

Do you find it easy/necessary/freeing/embarrassing/ scary/uncomfortable …(ADD YOUR OWN WORDS) to laugh/cry?

What do you need to do most at this time? Laugh or cry? A bit of both? What helps you move between the two, if/when you do? What’s the/a bridge, if you feel like you’re getting a bit stuck on one side?

What does it feel like in you body? In your heart? In your mind? Before/during/after you’ve laughed/cried?

Can you answer these questions in a poem…?

Ready? Steady! Write! 🙏❤️



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