Three years ago! Wow! I must’ve had more time back then 🙂 Welcome to December all! May it begin with KINDNESS. xx


Ladies and Gents it’s my great pleasure on this December 1st 2016 to welcome you, one and all, to GLADvent! Just the familiar recognition of the passing of the days leading up to Christmas, but with an extra twist of Joy and Gratitude thrown in.


To mark the passage of time, and offer daily invitations to reflect and give thanks, I’ve created a GLADvent calendar, which I’d love for you to ‘open’ with me each day, from now until December 24th.

This is not to deny that there are many and real problems we face right now, both individually and as a collective. It is to remind me, and anyone else who needs a nudge, that there is still much of beauty and blessing in this world. That remembering is a source of strength that can be used to face those challenges with courage and compassion.

The numbered stockings each have…

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