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So this week’s prompt comes from another old favourite, in terms of theme: hands. I’ve used hands in different ways several times before, but this time I simply asked my fellow writers to make a list of up to ten things their hands had already done that day (it was 9.30 in the morning). Here’s what I wrote:

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I then invited us to use those notes as inspiration for a poem, about our hands, written in seven minutes. This is my personal response. Enjoy 🙂



I couldn’t always use my hands,

couldn’t always control them enough

to make them do what I wanted.

But I learned, as we all do,

and now I take them for granted.


They call it muscle memory.

But that sounds like my hands have a brain.

If you x-rayed them I’m pretty sure

you’d find no grey matter,

but it’s true that they remember;


what a cake batter should feel like

when I stir so I can

guess at the weights when I

don’t have scales,


where the light bulb switch is

when I wake in the night

reaching out before I’ve even left

my dream to light the room

and start my day,


how to hold someone’s hand

when they need connection

and when to let go so they know

you’re there but they’re free

to connect or not as they choose.


What to write.

They seem to know

the words before I write them.

If I trust them.

Which I do.


Perhaps hands do have brains.

Mine certainly seem to.



What have your hands done for you today? 


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