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Opposites…are fun to explore, because mostly, they don’t exist. Most things are simply a somewhere along a continuum, and the extremes are oversimplified and rare. I’m reminded of the beautiful children’s book. The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark, where the owlet learns from his mother that night is actually a very wide range of shades, and is very rarely truly black. Sooo…


In this week’s writing group, we collected pairs of supposed opposites (an interesting process in itself!) and then used that gathering to inspire a poem.



This is what I wrote. Enjoy 🙂


Division is for numbers,

not for people.


Division is outside of life,

not in it,

because the essence of life

is indivisible.


Are you a lion

or a mouse?


Frankly, it should be clear

that I’m neither,

but I’ll answer.


Some days I’m small

and soft and timid,

prone to hide in my

bedroom and pretend

i’m not there in the hope

I won’t get eaten.


Other days I roar and rage,

wear my mane free and flowing

and say look at me, notice me,

hear me and know

my words count.


But my mouse is there on lion days,

and my lion hasn’t been extinguished

on mouse days, it’s just

everyone needs a rest now and then.


But I like it best when

my lion and my mouse

show themselves together

at the same time.


That’s when people really

stop to watch and listen

to see if anyone gets eaten,

and what will be left

to live.



I think ‘opposites’ is a rich theme, and it’s one I’ve explored here before, in a slightly different way.






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