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Some of you will no doubt have read some of the Mr Men/Little Miss books as children, or indeed to your children. I hadn’t come across them for a while, but saw a few for sale on a bric-a-brac stall in a local market, and chose four. And then I wondered…


So, this week’s story prompt was to write your own Mr Men/Little Miss story, in ten minutes. Before we started, I read an example to the group. I then asked them to write down, without over thinking, five possible words they might use. Mine were; Brave, Hope, Shiny, Moan and Help. I then asked people to re-read their list, and choose the word they felt had the most ‘juice’.


There were some truly wonderful stories, and I was genuinely touched and amazed by how such a simple framework could bring about stories that, whilst often funny and certainly simple, had quite a profound and often poignant under current.


Anyway –  here’s mine! Enjoy 🙂




Mr Help was ever so helpful.


If he saw someone struggling to carry their shopping, he’d run to catch up.


“May I help you with your bags?” he’d say.


“How kind!” they’d reply.


If he saw someone crying, alone on a bench, he’d sit beside them, glad to be of use.


“Can I help?” he’s say.


“How kind!” they’d reply. And he’d listen until they felt better.


One day, he saw two people having an argument, and said, “Excuse me, can I help?


But they didn’t reply, how kind. They said. “Would you mind your own business, thanks all the same.”


Mr Help walked away with no spring in his step, no sparkle in his eye, and didn’t know what to do.


But nobody noticed Mr Help’s lack of spring, or his lack of sparkle, or his lack of something to do.


He wondered through the woods, finding he wanted to be alone.


The trees were losing their leaves all by themselves.


The river was flowing, but nobody was pushing it.


The birds were singing, but no matter how hard he looked, My Help couldn’t find anyone conducting them.


Mr Help felt his spring start to come back. He felt his eyes begin to sparkle again.


Mr Help had nothing to do, and it felt good.


What Mr Men or Little Miss story would you like to write?



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