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This week, in the weekly writing circle I hold, we considered…trees. The Woodland Trust, a charity I support, is running a campaign #everytreecounts, and it is this which inspired the prompt. We began by collectively gathering some responses to that phrase…




Then, in just seven minutes, wrote a poem, taking that collective gathering as inspiration. Here’s mine…enjoy!



Soothing, beauty, breath.

Roots, holding, strength.

Shade, home, food.


I lean against trees

until the bark marks my skin

in a 3D reflection

like its wisdom is now written

into me, but the ink

is not indelible.


Given time my skin

will smooth out again,

and I won’t be able to read

what the tree gave me.


But I continue to breathe

what they offer me,

and marvel as the leaves

change colour, marking

autumn, marking



Counting in circles

there is no final beginning,

no final end.


As long as seeds

find soil.


Blessings on your week, and blessings on the trees…xxx


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