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In honour of Father’s Day, and to continue yesterday’s theme of my love for the ocean, here’s a poem from my poetry collection, Ignite. Enjoy 😀Blessings on all the fathers, and all the stories, beginning, and ending, and beginning again…❤️


He took off his tie



The woman beckoned me to the bridge

and pointed.

The salmon were leaping.


Dad shared a memory with me recently.

It was a song that sparked it, played

by the guitarist doing covers

in the restaurant where we ate.


I saw Dad as a young man

taking off his tie to cast off

office life for adventure at sea.

I add this image to my own story, a preface

to well preserved childhood memories

of so many salt scented holidays.


The sea has always beckoned me, and

now I know a little more of why –

because Dad took off his tie.


How do the salmon know where to return

to after years spent maturing at sea?


Because I saw it myself, they do know,

that somewhere just upriver from that bridge

where I watched them fight the flow

is where their own story must return,

to begin again.


My collection, Ignite, is available from Lulu.com 

If you’d like a copy, please follow the link.