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I am still landing from the magical, life changing experience that was The Hip Yak Poetry School, organised by the phenomenal Liv Torc, with support from a truly awesome team of facilitators whose generosity and talent I need to create new words for. In the meantime, here’s a new poem.



The same teaspoon of salt diluted
in a glass of water, instead sprinkled
on a sea seasons differently.

Have you ever run, eyes closed
on an empty beach, anticipating
walls where there are none?

The same beating heart in
a newly expanded chest, no
lid to keep the love in, sounds

deeper, wider. Human eyes
can’t see the holes in skin
we think was only designed

to keep us in. But words find
the porousness of being,
and need no veins or arteries

to channel life giving properties.
They go straight to the heart.
They find the gaps. Circulation

is the above hitting ground and
being ploughed, like worms churn
the earth to goad rebirth.

Go. Run on a beach with
your eyes closed. Then stop.
Look up to where there are

no walls. Tend the heart
beating in a newly expanded
chest that doesn’t mind the gaps.