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Some of you will know that, over the last few months, I’ve been ‘cooking’ something other than vegetarian meals for up to 90! 😆 I am now ready, and very excited, to introduce you to – my book!

Ignite is a collection of 42 poems written over several years, loosely gathered around the theme of fire, and its qualities of light, warmth, power and transformation. Some of the poems have been shared before, either through performances at open mics or here on my blog, as well as on Facebook. Others are entirely new.

I’ve published it through Lulu.com, and it is available to purchase now. Please follow the link.


I’ve received and learned sooooo much from the process of creating this, and now I setit free, to run wild. If it makes its way to you, thank you, and I hope you enjoy it.

With love and much joy…

Harula xxx


Here are a few links to some of the poems included in this collection, although some may have been slightly revised during the process of editing.