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Ahhh, the simple things. I’ve been buried in busyness and complexity quite a bit recently, so it was both an offering and a personal need to focus last Friday’s creative writing session on the theme of simplicity. I found it incredibly nourishing.

The particular prompt I’d like to share with you worked like this. First, we wrote the word simplicity at the top of a piece of paper (one piece each) then wrote a brief example of what we feel that word means. We then passed our papers around, adding more ideas, until we’d gathered several examples, which we then read aloud.

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We then turned the sheet over, and divided it into four; work, relationship, play and inner world. The idea was to make a few notes about how you might go about simplifying those areas of your life.

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And then, use all that thought gathering to inspire a poem, in just ten minutes! This is what I wrote:



Take a brand new day

open the front door and explore

walk a path you’ve never taken before

and look up

enjoy the cinema in the sky

the vast ever changing images

of clouds passing by



Take a brand new friend

ask them a question


wait until they’re done

then ask another question

while sharing tea in a cafe

chips by the river

wine in a bar



Take a brand new page

dive into the emptiness

and write what you 

feel, see, hear, think

as the page’s new look

takes shape before your eyes

in unique, never before ways



Take a brand new month

check your bank balance

living within your means

helps you to breathe

with more ease

and the planet too

there is no waste in nature

it’s all for a reason

so don’t buy things designed

for a single season



Take a brand new breath

notice it filling

your chest and let out

what wants to be released

noting you don’t need to interfere

or control how you breathe

it happens anyway

so give it space to do its thing



Do you enjoy the simple things in life? Do share you thoughts in the comments if you have a moment…


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