This video was just uploaded today, and brought back such wonderful memories, I thought it was worth re blogging this post. Enjoy!!



I performed this poem last night as part of a fantastic fundraising Christmas Concert by the choir I used to sing with, the fabulous , led by the amazing Helen Yeomans. Now I share it here for others to enjoy too…

Tune your ears to hope

and hear the real news,

seek the true news that lives

far beyond the front pages

for it is too wild, too bright,

to be trapped in black and white.

Cultivate neighbourhoods

of brotherhood, sisterhood,

lighting up your communities

like Christmas trees,

with evergreen kindness

that blooms with compassion,

whatever the season.

There is no room

for a fair-weather faith in humanity

we must believe in our capacity

to make choices that take down walls

instead of building them.

So practise “Welcome!” and “Come in!”

in as many languages

as there are places at your table

because home is simple –

It’s heads…

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