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I performed this poem last night as part of a fantastic fundraising Christmas Concert by the choir I used to sing with, the fabulous http://www.gloriouschorus.co.uk , led by the amazing Helen Yeomans. Now I share it here for others to enjoy too…


Tune your ears to hope

and hear the real news,

seek the true news that lives

far beyond the front pages

for it is too wild, too bright,

to be trapped in black and white.


Cultivate neighbourhoods

of brotherhood, sisterhood,

lighting up your communities

like Christmas trees,

with evergreen kindness

that blooms with compassion,

whatever the season.


There is no room

for a fair-weather faith in humanity

we must believe in our capacity

to make choices that take down walls

instead of building them.

So practise “Welcome!” and “Come in!”

in as many languages

as there are places at your table

because home is simple –


It’s heads resting in safe beds,

all the children fed

and nothing said that could break

the invisible thread

of the web love has woven

because we will fall

but with love

none need fall through.


Feel the vibrant music of life

singing in your chest,

just like all the rest,

in tender, soulful harmony

with generations past

and those yet to be,

it calls from beyond time


a world of love

for all our sakes.”


Love holds no nationality.

It travels freely,

with no concept of lack,

for it knows, when it’s given away

it just grows and grows,

pouring into every deep felt thirst for –

a sense of belonging

a chance to contribute

a need to be held,

and hear love say,

‘You’re safe. I’m here.

It’ll be ok.”


So look for the gold

in the souls you spend your days with,

and share in the pain

of revealing beauty again,

for we’ve all, at times,

tried to hide, tried to deny

we’re made of stardust.


Let’s help each other to reveal

what cynicism tried to steal –

we know the way home.

The way is freedom,

the way is wisdom,

the way is healing

until we are so much more,

as one whole,

than the pieces we were before.


Broken parts,

broken hearts,

must dine on hope

365 days of the year

to feed the flame of faith

that melts the edges

between what’s you and what’s me.

Peace can be

closer than your very next breath.

Just take this gift of hope

deeply in –

and let love win.