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A few questions for you. Well, not exactly questions, but, if I were to offer you this start to a sentence:


I spend too much time….


IMG_3949 (2)



how would you complete it? Five times?


And what about:


I spend too little time…


IMG_3950 (2)


And because the best things always come in threes…


I would like to create more time for/to…


IMG_3951 (2)

Well, this was one of the prompts we worked with last Friday – completing those three sentences, each one five times, leaving us with fifteen insights into out relationship with the resource of Time,  how we’re currently using it…and what we dream of using it for.

Next, we wrote a poem inspired by that exploration…in just ten minutes.

There were some stunning responses, but I can only share my own for now…so, this is what I wrote:


If time were banked

In a building

On the High Street

One where the money banks

Have made way

What would the cashiers say?

What would their job be?


Because we can’t pay-in time

We could only bank memories

But we’d never be able to know

How much we had left to spend

Only how freely we’ve been spending


For time capsules

Buried with ceremony

Intended for future folk

To dig up and discover

Don’t contain time –

They contain memories

Just memories



Maybe I could set up

A memory bank!

People would be advised to

Deposit once a week

What have you made

With the last seven days?


Not how much did you earn

The things that you bought

The stuff others can see

That’s not why you’d come

to the memory bank…


You’d come to remember and record

The unexpected conversation

You had with a friend

Or the salmon you saw leaping

Because someone called you over

You’d never seen them

Leaping before


And maybe that morning

Like any other morning

On the outside

But inwardly somehow

It felt different

You felt excited about

The next twenty four hours

In a way you hadn’t…


My father shared

Part of his own story recently

And though there aren’t

Memory banks on the high street

They exist


In the hearts of those we love

But need reminding to ask,


“How have you

Spent your time?”


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