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I’d like to share with you one of the prompts I used in last Friday’s workshop, which warmed us up beautifully for a very thought provoking session. More on that another time perhaps, but for now, the way of the heart…

Let the way of the heart

Let the way of the heart

Let the way of the heart shine through

We sang this simple chant together several times and then, after a few moments of silence, we just wrote for three minutes, whatever came. I found this beautiful version on YouTube. Why don’t you take a brief moment to listen, sing along if you wish, and then just write…


This is what I wrote:

The heart is so welcoming, turns nothing away, when left to its own devices. It’s not a matter of forcing, or doing – rather of letting be, giving the heart permission to return to default. Maybe that’s what silence does, like the magic of turning a computer off and on again – silence returns the heart to default, and turns it into Rumi’s Guest House again. It’s grace, effortless, and it’s bigger than me – this ‘way’. And I do not carve, or make, or create it, I follow it – I observe, respond and allow myself to be guided by the song that calls, the light that leads, the heart that knows…the way.


And as I’ve referenced it, if you haven’t met Rumi’s Guest House before, here it is…Enjoy!


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