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Each week (well most, I missed last week – sorry!) I share on this blog one of the writing prompts used in my workshops, along with an example of what was written in response. This week is going to be a bit of a bumper edition (!) because a) I missed last week b) it’s half term this week, so there will be no Friday class and c) I’m feeling super full (in a good way!) and want to share some of that:-)

So to begin, I’d like to share the simple prompt I used in last Friday’s class. As I walked to the venue that morning, I picked a bouquet of beautiful fallen autumn leaves, of every size and hue. I laid them on the floor in a circle and asked each writer to pick one. We then spent a minute or so in silence, observing our chosen leaf (or bunch of smaller leaves) and then wrote for three minutes in response. Of course this could be done with anything collected from nature. I have, in the past, used stones/pebbles, or shells, of sticks/twigs.

This is what I wrote (sorry, I forgot to take a photo…)

You make me feel tender, this gathering, and the holding (there’s a small leaf stuck to a larger one, horizontally, like a baby being carried) and you shake as I hold you…or is it me shaking? It’s like you emphasize my tiniest movements…and then I imagine something else – you remind me of a flute, the different keys to press, and the bulge at the end of your stalk, where you once met the tree, swells like a mouth piece, and though you’re delicate, as I look more closely each one of you has a clear, strong, straight ‘backbone’ from which tiny veins stretch, though I can’t see them so well through the mottled yellow brown you’re turning, turning, turning.

So, that warm up is a fitting one for these three bonus prompts I’d like to offer for this half term week. These are taken from my ‘Elemental Journey’ prompt cards. You can find more information about these by following the link at the end of this post.


I just picked three at random, and luckily ended up with three different elements! They should be self-explanatory but feel free to ask questions in the comments section. I hope you have fun with them!

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