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Here’s me writing poetry to order at a Christmas Fair last year

I’ve been rediscovering my love for writing poetry for others on the spot in 3 minutes, to warm up for some Christmas ‘gigs’! Here’s one I wrote last week, for a guy who runs a local cafe. He asked for a poem on the topic of ‘Growing Teenage Girl’. Poetry has power people (but you know that…) – the conversation we had after that! And when I left, 2 hours or so later, he said I’d made his day…and it only took 3 minutes  Make someone’s day in your way today…it needn’t take long! So here it is, cheesy and raw, yes, but hey – it’s unedited and straight off the page…3 mins!



I know you’re growing

But I try not to see it

It was easier

When I could hold all of you

Your joys, fears

Lift you out of danger

Kiss sweet dreams

Into your forehead

Before you slept

But you’re growing

And some of those branches

Are out of my reach

Nobody teaches

Us to be parents

We have to learn

And grow too

But much as I stretch

I can’t always reach

The tips of you

So I feed the soil

With my love and trust

That if I take care

Of your roots

Keep you safe

As much as I can

Keep the fridge full

Of more than ready made crap

If you’ll eat it

And keep out home

A place filled with space and light

You’ll grow


Be happy



And here’s another, written at a reunion with college friends. Some of it, well, you probably had to be there…written in three minutes, in a busy bar, on the sign that had reserved our table…

reunion poem

30 second stories

Can’t capture the lives

That have come together,

People who’ve not changed

In 21 years

And tears haven’t started yet

But the laughter’s there

And we fall

As a Renault crashes the party

We’re just getting started

But the leaving will come

Eventually too

No house to return to

Together for a party

In Postman Pat land

The fizz is flowing

Because we’re grown up now

But it’s the little ones

That give many of us

Life’s meaning

While others are dreaming

Of a life beyond the 9-5

And so the photos will capture

Moments and smiles

Until the next time

We reminisce and remember

This is what life’s about

Laughs that don’t change

And the chance to be

18 again


Want to try? I have an egg timer I can lend you… 😉