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Each week, I share one of the writing prompts used the previous Friday in my weekly workshop, along with an example of what was written in response. Today’s prompt (allow about 5 mins in total) is…Read the following poem by Hafiz. Allow yourself a moment to feel into your own response, and then write whatever comes for about three minutes.

Perfect Equanimity by Hafiz

Look how a mirror
will reflect with perfect equanimity
all actions

There is no act in this world
that will ever cause the mirror to look away.

There is no act in this world that will
ever make the mirror
say ‘no.’

The mirror, like perfect love, will just keep giving
of itself to all

How did the mirror ever get like that, so polite,
so grand, so compassionate?

It watched God.

Yes, the mirror remembers the Beloved
looking into itself as the Beloved shaped existence’s heart
and the mirror’s

My eye has the nature of God.

Hafiz looks upon all with perfect equanimity,
as do my words,

My poems will never tell you no,
because the Mirror is
not like

and if God ever hits you with a don’t –

He has His fingers crossed,

He is just fibbing
for your own


From ‘Love Poems From God’ by Daniel Ladinsky. This is my most treasured book of poems, given to me by a friend for my 30th birthday. This was my three minute response last Friday, but I would no doubt write something quite different if I did the same thing today.


So a mirror is like freedom. At once inviting, but also frightening, because with such clear and loving truth, comes responsibility. We ask for truth, celebrate it, but how willing are we, what amount of courage does it take to receive it, see it? And the mirror, like truth, is unmoving. It does not ripple or wave, like a pond or the ocean. It is still, clear, solid in its way, and untouchable, slowing down everything that approaches for to see what is so still, we must be still too.


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