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Each week, I share one of the writing prompts used the previous Friday in my weekly workshop, along with an example of what was written in response. Today’s prompt (allow about 15/20 mins total) is…A Poem ‘On Being Human’

Begin by completing the following half sentence about 10 times, with whatever ideas come into your head; A robot could never…. If you’re doing it in a group, you can pass your list round to the right after each item and add to each others so you get some creative cross pollination of imaginative ideas. Then, turn over your piece of paper and complete the following, again 10 times; I know I’m human because…

Now using the ideas you’ve gathered as inspiration, write a poem entitled ‘On Being Human’. You could also watch this TED talk for some input…

This is what I wrote:

Would I give up being human

to take Trump

out of the White House

and end all the wars?

Would I give up being human

if I could erase

that painful conversation


Would I rather be programmed

to know my future

and have choices

made for me by code

so they were always ‘right’?

Now I know

why we have free will

because I’d use mine

to keep all my mistakes

and cry anyway

say those words

and learn how to build bridges

that I could cross

to take them back

Because each time life

breaks my heart

I have to mend it

and it becomes bigger

And if I’d known the pain

those choices were going to create

I’d never have made them

but then

I wouldn’t be me

Who would I be

if all I am

was decided by someone

or something else?

Expansion is human

the game of evolution

never knowing what

life holds next

means we risk disasters

but also have access

to the best life

has to offer

even if we don’t

recognise the best

in the moment it arrives

For we’re only human after all

but life still trusts us enough

to create with it

that the result may always be

a surprise



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