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There’s a forest of fear

Where magic feels near

But not all of its white

And eyes give me a fright

As they look at me deeply

To greet me, or eat me!

I don’t really care

Just don’t wanna be there

So I run but the trees say

‘No! That’s the wrong way!

Your dreams are still waiting

Deep on the inside

For years now already

They’ve endlessly cried

‘’Don’t leave us we need you

And love needs you too!

We cannot be shared

Until you bring us through!’’’


So I stopped and I breathed

Though my back was still turned

The trees held their breath

Oh how my heart yearned

To turn, run straight back

to hug those wise trees

go into that forest

and set my dreams free

But I took a step forward

A small step away

Then felt my whole body

Go weak; tremble, sway


The time was now, I turned around

Is it just me, or can trees look proud

And as I approached that forest of fear

Quietly at first, I began to hear

My dreams at its centre, egging me on

‘Have faith, we’ll protect you

We need you! Come on!’


Once over the threshold, I hugged the lead tree

Then onward, eyes closed (it was too dark to see)

I used other senses to follow that path

Walking and stumbling right into the dark

The noise from my dreams getting louder now

They’d started to sing! (don’t ask me how!)

That melody lit up the path to the core

And I ran, ‘cos I just couldn’t wait anymore

The deeper I went, the more light I saw

Until, at the centre, I stood in awe

Surrounded by dreams that I’d hatched through the years

But that hadn’t yet grown, because of my fears

I cradled them gently as tears slowly fell

Showering dreams that began to swell

Follow me friends, it’s high time to leave!

And back through that forest we ran and we weaved

My dreams ran ahead and behind and beside

My heart felt miles high, miles deep and miles wide

Until I could see – there’s no forest at all!

Or at least it became infinitesimally small

As me and my dreams fly high up above

Smiling and singing on thermals of love