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This (beginning of a) song just came to me on a walk, and I wanted to share if with you as I’d love to know your thoughts before I play with it/refine it/add to it etc a little more. Have a listen. The lyrics are below.


Blessings All xxx




He walks the street alone
then sings a lullaby to the sky
for the kids he left at home
he has no tears
his heart has run dry
because he knows he’s said his last goodbye

I don’t want to be an island
let no ocean keep me from you
I don’t want to be an island
so let’s start something new

Building bridges of words
without action’s worse than nothing
building walls with your hurt
isn’t safety it’s just suffering
so just stop
for a minute
won’t you stop
for a minute
because in your heart you know
we gotta grow together
we gotta grow together