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He looked deep into her beady black eyes

bright nights into which he fell

then took a deep breath, as his ears turned pink,

“Oh sweetheart, you’re blushing! Do tell!”


“I love you more than every star

shining now and that ever will be

you bring out my best, then still love the rest

Darling – will you marry me?”


And now it was she who’s pink nose blushed

as she cast her eyes down to the floor

“Of course my sweet,” she said to her feet

“it’s all I’ve been waiting for!”


He lifted her chin till she looked at him

and with eyes shining brightly said this,

“I’m yours for all time, as you too are mine.”

then sealed his sweet words with a kiss.

I’m attending another Wedding Fair to write and share poetry this coming Saturday, so today was the perfect opportunity to warm up!

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