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I find it’s time for me to offer this patchwork I’ve been stitching together over the last couple of weeks, made up of words of my own, words of others, woven through with the intention to warm and sustain. If you don’t like the design of my quilt, I welcome that. Unfold yours and show it to me – I want to see. Blessings be!


(image from peace quilt ideas on Pinterest)

I’ll start with this poem I just wrote:

Shout louder! We’re not being heard!

Listen deeper – is there something I’m not hearing?

He’s wrong, we have to stop him!

His actions hurt, how do we heal them?

Come together, we’ll be stronger!

Dare to differ, can we stretch each other to expansion?

It’s a crisis! Act now!

I’m in crisis, should acting wait ’till I’m more peaceful?

We need answers!

I’m sitting with questions.


image:Β http://markromeromusic.com/

My Thank You Note to President Trump

A radical, perhaps unexpected, note of thanks.


And let’s close with a song: