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“The aspiring poet is constantly lowering a bucket only half way down a well. coming up time and again with nothing but empty air. The frustration is immense. But you must keep doing it anyway. After many years of practice, the chain draws unexpectedly tight, and you have dipped into the waters that will continue to entice you back. You’ll have broken the skin on the pool of yourself.”


Welcome to this second of a regular blog slot each Wednesday, which I call Writers’ Well because: it’s intended to be a source of nourishment and inspiration for the writer in you, it expresses my belief that creative writing can benefit our well being on many levels, and…I love the above quote from Seamus Heaney. It gives me goosebumps every time. It also resonates with my own intention when leading writing workshops. It’s not about producing good writing, it’s about brave, real writing. Writing that goes down deep within to draw up something unexpected.

Writing Prompt:

Each week, I share one of the writing prompts used the previous Friday in my weekly workshop, along with an example of what was written in response. Today’s prompt is…Being in the Flow

IMG_1647 (3).JPG

This comes from a set of prompt cards I have developed around the theme of The Elements. Find out more here:


This was our warm up prompt with which we started the session. Here is what I wrote in response:

There’s something about not jumping too far ahead, something about being very aware, trusting the feeling, and following it, moment by moment, in the present.

Time does strange things when I’m in the flow, I mean it does move, but it feels expansive and available, a bit like a river and an ocean – movement and direction, but all connected within an ever present whole.

Because in the flow, I feel full and free, like I can give without ever running out or depleting myself, a connection with ultimate source – an infinite well.



What does it mean to you to Be in the Flow?

We also had a go at writing a 100 word story, because the Readers Digest competition is FREE to enter, and the deadline is 20th Feb. It’s only open to writers in the UK though… We found it was harder than you might think, but there are lots of examples online to read and be inspired by. The links below offer more information and inspiration if you’d like to have a go.