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Here’s a poem for Trump’s Inauguration Day. I’ve included links at the bottom, to explain some of my references in more detail. Stand firm friends, your sails need hope to sail…

There’s a Trumpicane

brewing across the Atlantic,

and there’s a tide of panic

as it rips truth up

from its foundations

screaming, spinning, hurling it

until it shatters into splinters

that pierce our bubbles of comfort

and fill them with fear

that everything that makes us human

is breaking


And yet

a little closer to home

a bright breeze of hope

blows in the news

that wind power beat coal

to the finish line last year, here

so take a bow flighty friend

make turbines spin

and trees sway

and sails flap

tack, tack

as we change direction

this way, that

but where are we going

who’s got the map

no I think you’ve got that

upside down my friend

for though the world may indeed

be turning on its head

sailing our way safely through this storm

will require all hands on deck

heads up

shoulders back

stand straight and face

those winds of change

so that we can see them coming

and direct this ship

to calmer waters

where waves lap gently at the shore

and children who have fled war

are not washed up dead

but play carefree with their families

less sail away, sail away, sail away

more gather round people

for you too

deserve a safe home

and yes the waters around us continue to grow

but we must swim

we can not give in