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I was lucky enough to be invited to read a couple of poems on a friend’s radio show on Wednesday, and I’d like to share them here as they speak to that part in us that’s yearning for spring and new beginnings, but sometimes needs to be just a little more patient…;-)

I wrote this first one while offering Poetry to Order at a Christmas Fair, and the title is what the gentleman gave me as a theme for his poem.

The Promise of the Garden in Winter
You go to sleep
Beneath a duvet of leaves
With robins singing
A joyful lullaby
But your promise
Is more silent
For deep below
In frost hardened ground
The seeds of potential
Watch and wait
Sleeping through the darkness
Drinking the rain
And waiting for warmth
And sun again
I might look bare
But don’t despair
I promise life
Is hiding there
And in the spring
When days are longer
Watch me burst forth
Brighter, stronger
This second one I wrote on New Year’s Day in 2014.
A Re-feathering
Whether fairies are real or not

I won’t risk killing one

with a disbelieving thought

For I have seen

strewn at my feet

the feathers of my own wings

shot from the sky

when doubt came hunting


But I am not a bird

and my wings

were not of this world

any more than a unicorn’s horn

is hard and made of keratin –

so it’s time for a re-feathering

growing new shafts

from quill to tip

with the beauty of belief

’til once again

I fly

And here’s the podcast of the show. The first half is a discussion with Hannah Pearson, a passionate herbalist and healer sharing about her work. Fascinating stuff! And a great dose of nourishing inspiration for the New Year. I read my poems in the second half.
If you’d like to hear/see more of me reading/singing my poems and songs check out my audios/videos page: