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I wrote the first version of this for a friend who asked for a poem on the power of belief when I was writing three minute poems to order at a Christmas Fair. I’ve since played with it further because I could do with that power right now. And so I share the poem with you…and, just maybe, through the poem…I share with you that power of belief. May 2017 be the year you believe, trust and dare…greatly!

Love and blessings of belief to you all xxx


Would the sky

tut tut the stars

for shining too far?


Do the oceans laugh

at arrogant mankind

for failing yet

to know their depths?


There is more

in your heart and soul

than you dare dream of

in your philosophy


so defy impossible

stretch it far

beyond that long extinguished star

whose light continues

yet to shine

beyond and through

the joke of time


disbelief nets no


willing to face the truth of


and fly through the gaps

that appear only when you