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Welcome to the GLADvent finale – day Twenty-Four! Yesterday we had the word Poetry.

Poetry has long been precious to me, and most recently the experience of writing three minute poems to order has been a wonderful way of keeping that love alive and vibrant, as I end up writing about topics, and in a style, outside of more familiar terrain, which kick starts the flow and prevents me from going stale. Hopefully, it also means I’ve contaminated others with verse love! It brings a powerful sense of play too, which creative muses thrive on!

Poetry is teacher, friend and entertainer. Poetry uplifts me, guides me and connects me more deeply with life and the feelings being alive involves. I really do think poetry says the big stuff best, because it uses words in a magical musical way that has enough flexibility to stretch to invoking the intangible that exists beyond our everyday lives in this dualistic world. Personally, I think it’s that ‘intangible’ stuff that gives meaning and interest to life.


And now, for the last stocking!


FRIENDSHIP: “Walking with a friend in the dark is better

than walking alone in the night.

– Helen Keller

Now take a moment to pause and reflect upon how Friendship has shown up in your life recently. What are the qualities you value most in a friend? Who has been there for you this past year? What do you/will you do to cultivate new and existing  friendships in the new year?



And so GLADvent comes to an end! Thank you all for joining in, and have a wonderful Christmas Day, however you choose to spend it.

Love and blessings of friendship and gratitude,


Harula xxx