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Welcome to GLADvent day Twenty-One, and happy solstice all! Yesterday our word was Food.

I arrived at my father’s house this evening in preparation for Christmas, and my mum welcomed me with a bowl of soup, bread and little bowls of chocolate and nuts dotted around the place, just like my grandmother used to do (although with her it was all year round, not just at Christmas). Food is one of the ‘glues’ in our family, we talk about it a lot, enjoy preparing and eating it together, and always make more than enough in case someone extra and unexpected turns up.

So, the twenty first stocking.


And what’s on the back?


CLOTHES: “If you were to gather all the clothes you have ever owned in all your life, you would have your autobiography.

– Linda Grant

Now take a moment to pause and reflect upon how Clothes have shown up in your life recently. Do you prefer your clothes  comfy and practical, or do you follow fashion trends? Do you have any special memories of a particular piece of clothing? Have you always been able to wear whatever you wanted, or has something limited your choices?


Twenty-one stockings turned – only three more left! 🙂 Hope to see you tomorrow for number 22.

Do continue to share your thoughts and reflections in the comments section below as you wish…