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Welcome to GLADvent day Nineteen! Yesterday we had the word Hope.

So I’d like to share this video of two young boys singing a song called ‘Hopeful’ because:

-: singing gives me hope

-: young people filled with courage, creativity, kindness and friendship give me hope

-: remembering that life is at times hard and challenging, but that we make it through and continue …if we’re lucky, a little stronger and wiser – to find new moments of joy and success gives me hope

Bear with it, I don’t like this format of talent show either, but really – these boys are amazing!


And so, to the nineteenth stocking.


And let’s turn it over…


LOVE: “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.

– Shakespeare

Now take a moment to pause and reflect upon how Love has shown up in your life recently. What different forms does it take? What defines love? What cultivates it?


Nineteen stockings turned! 🙂 Hope to see you tomorrow for number 20.

Do continue to share your thoughts and reflections in the comments section below as you wish…